Movies in bed kind of day,just wish she was here to cuddle and kiss.

My gut feeling is usually right,my over thinking tends to lead to the way things end up turning out ..I just hope my gut and my mind are wrong just this one time.

I’m determined to make this work,and I’m determined to make you officially mine.

Fuck. I miss her.

I have a tendency to spoil or ruin things for myself ,because they feel to good to be true or I fear putting my heart on the line ..but this I refuse to mess up.

It’s lovely to feel appreciated and wanted for once,to feel important to someone,to know someone’s feelings are genuine towards you..

I’m like an excited child today,I really can’t wait to see her.😁

It’s actually nice to be treated the way I treat someone for once, πŸ˜„

I don’t know where I’m heading,but this feels right.

Think I’m going to book a little weekend beach break away or city break away and explore alone soon ..

I want someone to hang around with all the time,to spontaneously jump on a coach,train or even a plane to a random destination..someone I can spoil and do cheesy shit for..someone I can skate with ..someone to chill with,make blanket forts,read to and watch anime and cheesy movies…

So so nervous about getting my tattoo finished tomorrow am I going to hack two and a half hours 😭