It’s actually nice to be treated the way I treat someone for once, 😄

I don’t know where I’m heading,but this feels right.

Think I’m going to book a little weekend beach break away or city break away and explore alone soon ..

I want someone to hang around with all the time,to spontaneously jump on a coach,train or even a plane to a random destination..someone I can spoil and do cheesy shit for..someone I can skate with ..someone to chill with,make blanket forts,read to and watch anime and cheesy movies…

So so nervous about getting my tattoo finished tomorrow am I going to hack two and a half hours 😭

Tomorrow’s a new day,a fresh start..a new chapter.. Start as I mean to go on,positive,calm,collected.

Chill time at last,Chillstep, green tea&strawberry and time a good old reading session.

Can’t wait to see my girl tomorrow☺️

This nights so random,I’m suppose to be in bed yet I’m sat with my brother.sister and a group of childhood friends downstairs having a good conversation over e&j and coke..

Can’t wait for my tattoo to be finished and healed, sleeping in the recovery position is not all that comfy 😭

Don’t care how cliche this sounds,but i’m honestly feeling like the luckiest girl in the world right now..

Ahhhh i can’t believe she’s now my girlfriend,i’m so happy right now!

Two more weeks of hard work to put in with university,then i am free.Free from deadlines,stress and worry.I look forward to being able to do the thing’s i’m truly passionate about..writing,drawing,reading,long boarding and getting back into my fitness.