All my thoughts..all my current

I will actually look forward to waking up in the morning and going to this workplace,everyone is so cool that i work with and the vibe in there is so welcoming,if things go well i will be travelling again this year ! Awesomeeee i’m on my way to London and France for the weekend..unplanned..spontaneous as fuck

My thoughts are so clouded,and my emotions are running high.

I need a very long night of meditation, and a weeks worth of work outs at the gym to level myself out again.

When will this end. when will this feeling no longer 
linger around & inside me ,When will I be able to breath freely again 
without worry or anxiety taking over.. 
it felt as if I took 100 steps forward, 
Now it feels like  i have taken 1000 steps back.
I thought i was past this.

How are you still breaking through,how have you made your way back into my head and into my dream’s,

I’ve been looking back on my life,I’ve been looking back on the person I use to be,and at the way I use to think .I’m so grateful that I am no longer that person;I use to be a push over with no back  bone,aggressive, jealous and negative until one day I made a promise to myself that I would change who I was and I did for the better I am now happy with the person I have grown into.

All roads lead me back to you.

Finding my way back to myself.

When my little niece looks at me then falls asleep in my arms it’s the cutest thing…i feel broody every time i hold her

Great workout,i actually feel like a small weight has been lifted off me,now an hour of meditation to get myself back to a positive state of mind.

Haven’t felt like myself all week what is this horrible feeling flowing through me.

Today just doesn’t seem to be a great day,my head feels heavy,my mind feels clouded,and my emotions are running high for no apparent reason.The only good thing about today is that I’ve managed to make it productive but it doesn’t seem to fill this void feeling.

Tomorrows a new day.